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Pre/Post Care for Electrolysis & Laser




Pre Care

•            Let your hair grow long enough to grab with tweezers

•            Female clients can be more sensitive during or right before their menstrual cycle

•            Taking a pain reliever 30 mins before can make treatment more comfortable

•            You may apply a topical numbing cream 30 mins before; cover with saran wrap

•            Avoid retinol products at least 48hrs prior

•            Exfoliating the skin helps keep the follicles open and makes smoother probe insertions

•            Do not put make up on area that is going to be treated

•            If the hair gets too long in between treatments you can shave or clip with scissors

•            If on Accutane you must be off med for six months to one year 


Post Care

•            If small scabs appear, do not scratch them off; this can cause scarring. Allow them to fall off naturally

•            Epsom salt, aloe, and antibiotic creams may be used to relieve irritation

•            Icing the area on and off can help minimize swelling and redness


First 48 hours, avoid:

•            Make up on treated area

•            Perfume or alcohol-based products as they can dry out the skin

•            Excessive sweating. Sweat can cause bacteria to enter the open follicles and cause pustules to form       

•            Pools and Saunas

•            Sun exposure as it can cause hyperpigmentation- ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!



Pre- Care
•              Please shave the area to be treated the night before treatment 
•              Avoid tanning, sun, and tanning creams for 3 weeks before and after your laser treatment 
•             Do not wax or tweeze in between treatments (you may shave) 
•             If lasering underarms, do not wear deodorant  
•            Tattooed areas cannot be treated 
•             If you tend to have recurrent cold sores (herpes in the area to be treated) take any prescription meds for cold sores 24 to                              48 hours prior 
•             Stop Retin A and Alfa hydroxy acid (AHA’s) 1 week prior (they dry the skin) 
•             If on Accutane you must be off the medication for one year 

Post Treatment
•             There might be some slight redness, swelling, and/or scabbing. This may last a few days and feel like a sunburn. You can apply                       ice to area on and off until all heat subsides. Take Benadryl or Zyrtec orally 
•              If needed, you may use Aloe Vera Gel or an antibiotic cream, or Aquaphor frequently  
•              The treated hairs will go through a “shedding” process in approximately 2-4 weeks 
•              Avoid sun exposure to reduce the risk of hyper/hypopigmentation; Use at least SPF 45 at all times 
•              No AHA’s or exfoliation for 10 days after treatment   

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